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Hotel Pool


Breath-taking views and hotels as beautiful as paintings are a click away. Opt for private
accommodation if you crave the more serene resources the world has to offer. Bookings with
us for special rates at some of the world’s top destinations.

Image by Zoe Holling


The most important part about the journey is how you get there and we ensure that you
arrive in style. Providing luxury transport and transfers to and from each of your
You will never be lost with us.

Chef Garnishing a Meal


Taste decadence like you never have before. Our fine-dining recommendations are built on
the back of experience so you can trust our tastebuds.

Book with us for other-worldly
culinary experiences with priority table service wherever you go.

Image by Fidel Fernando


Vibe, ambiance and mood are essential to any night out. VIP curates each to your needs and
grants access to the world’s most exclusive nightclubs and events. Skip the queues and enjoy
exclusive bottle service for a world-class evening.. From the red carpet to private, upscale
entertainment, we’re there throughout.

Image by Jared Rice


Take some time to detox from this fast-moving world and slow down with us. With bookings
and packages available for the globe’s most desirable spas and getaways, peak-relaxation
becomes more attainable than you thought possible.

Image by redcharlie


The world has a lot to offer beyond the man-made. We offer personalised luxury tours of the world’s most exquisite cultural and safari locations. Engage with history and nature on a level that suits you.

Image by Claudio Poggio


If adventure drives you, then you are in luck. Sand-surfing in the desert, yachting in the
Maldives and more experiences await. Where luxury and adventure meet.

Image by Heidi Fin


Feel like a celebrity as you peruse the world of high-end fashion. With a guided personal shopping experience from VIP, walk out of the store feeling like a better version of you.

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden


Modern day living creates more stress than ever before – don’t let property be one of your
worries. We offer rental management services as well maintenance services for residential properties, making your dream space a reality.

Image by Patrik Michalicka


Optimising your brand or business through the arts of communication management,
storytelling, strategy and exposure. Partnering with us means growing faster than you
though possible.

Image by Sean Pollock


Engage with us to plan your corporate events from beginning to end. With conference
organisation, corporate branding and travel provided for event delegates, your corporate event is in safe hands.



Bringing the world of the elite to you. Gain access to the most exclusive events around the
world and feel like the A-lister you know you are A-List events

Image by Tholaal Mohamed


Our aim is to grow your brand whilst showcasing the highlights of an experience that lives long in the memories of all who get to see it – and with a combined following of over 9.6 million individuals across all platforms, the audience that we’ll be serving your brand to will be global, reaching unexplored markets far and wide.

Image by Francesca Saraco
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